The  Bloke 2

You are probably here because you want to know more about my reasons for standing for election to the board of the CMCA. This website tries to explain my hopes and aspirations so that you might feel more comfortable voting for me.
Let me assure you that I have no burning desire to rip into anything— there is no particular issue that I will campaign on, or champion if I'm elected but g
rowth, and changing times, force organisations to evolve. Without it, we’d still be reading our The Wanderer in black and white. It follows that change— evolution— is inevitable. Evolution must be properly managed, and subsequently audited, though. Most importantly, it must be with a view to the future.
The existing, and past boards, have done an excellent job, and that's reflected in the robust state of the club. I have been in executive positions in many organisations, though—voluntary and paid— and it's where I seem to end up, so here I am.

The links to the left, will take you to more detailed information, but the ba
sics are below:
  • I have been a member of this great club for about fifteen years (Q23851)
  • most of that time has been spent on the road, travelling this wide, brown land
  • I am a past president and newsletter editor of the CMCA Solos' Network— two terms
  • retired from the chair of the Solos when my beautiful partner Carol entered my life
  • I am a member, and newsletter editor, of CMCA Eastern Rosellas
  • work-wise: many years messing about in boats— tugs, steamers, yachts, master fisherman
  • owned and operated a small fleet of trawlers out of Southport, Qld
  • owner manager of Miami Honda, Qld
  • worked through the building game from labourer, to registered builder (unrestricted), then to building certifier
  • retired from a managerial position in Quality Management in local government
  • recently finished a complete re-write of the Blue Book- A Guide for Chapters
  • member of the CMCA Constitution Review Panel
  • Justice of the Peace (Qualified)
  • Carol and I are dancers— we're the couple that teach Rock and Roll at the rallies, and
  • I eat up all my dinner, keep myself clean, and barrack for Queensland.
There was a small voter turn-out at the last election. Low voter numbers skew election results, and it seems to me that if you want to reserve the right to complain about your elected members, you need to have cast a vote in the first instance. So whether you vote for me, or somebody else, please:

PS: I have a Facebook page; Geoff Phillips. I started it, I must admit, to get some exposure for the 2015 election, but I quite enjoy doing it. Go and have a look; it's very hard to falsify a Facebook page.